Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kungfu Football ??? By Shawlaa Mossrow

“It is the year 2018; we are transmitting live from the Obama Stadium, here in Kenya. It is the World Cup first round group match between Ivory Coast and Italy. Team coach, Didier Drogba, is jumping about animatedly in the dug-out as the Referee blows for a foul! The team physios hurry on the field to pick Kalou’s fallen body unto the stretcher… about a minute or so later one of the physios return to detach Kalou’s face from Italian defender Maldini Jr’s studs. And as we review the replay, I hand you over to my co-commentator, Jean-Claude Van Damme.”
“Thank you, Scholes. As you can see, Maldini achieved a full 360degree roundhouse in connecting with Kalou’s face. Great form, excellent technique.”
“And, do you have anything to add, Mr. Jackie Chan?”
“Personally, I think that… even Bruce Lee would have been proud.”
“Viewers will have the opportunity of seeing this wonderful tackle in Matrix timing during the halftime break.”
Football is a contact sport.
No kidding. Much blood hath been drawn and jerseys rend asunder to prove that fact. On the average 90 minute debacle, there is hardly that part of the body that does not take a bruising (they don’t clutch the twins during free kicks for nothing you know). The beauty of the volley is no longer just in how it connects to the ball and to what effect, but also how it connects to limb, skull or even gonad (that’s ‘nuts’ to the none the wiser). Okay, yes; ‘contact sport’ it might be; but surely football is not quite boxing, right?
In boxing you see the punch coming, you even expect it. Ask Petr Cech.

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