Monday, June 7, 2010


As a growing child, I would sometimes gaze out the window and wonder why things were as they were.
This shouldn’t come as a surprise; my star suggests (if you believe in zodiac signs) I should be passionate about anything closely related to nature.
I will often wonder why white became known as white, why submarines have no gills and why I couldn’t speak to my folks about sex at age 9.
But as I grew older, I gave myself sufficient answers, some right and others obviously wrong. The wrong answers were no bother as they kept the throbbing pain in my head caused as a result of constant worry to a minimum.
However one question I have still not been able to answer is the one of Travelling by Air.
Okay I am focusing on national flights and not the international flights that have exposed travellers to compulsory striptease; that’s an issue for another day.
On my First Trip to Abuja via Air, I struggled with the pretence that I had been on a plane before.
Smiling profusely and nodding my head to all instructions including those not understood, I switched on my phone after the hostess had announced that all phones be switched off and started clicking away
Taking as many pictures as I could, I couldn’t but admire the breathtaking view of the inside of an aeroplane.
I fastened my seat belt, pulled out my magazine and looked hard at the pictures
Suddenly I remembered my parents, my younger ones, my office and that throbbing pain in my head returned
What if this plane crashes… ............

Read the concluding part in d mag.

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