Sunday, June 13, 2010

THE ART OF TOASTING by sexy militant

Toasting is an age long art which has existed since...forever. Often times skill, knowledge and persistence are compulsory ingredients in achieving the best results while toasting. At other times a natural flavour or the simplest actions brings a fresh desired outcome.
It would be wrong to assume that a particular toasting technique will work on different ladies. Hold on; hope you did not assume I was talking about toasting bread? Lol... any way many Nigerian artistes have likened women to one food item or the other, for instance the stew in their rice, the sugar in their I might not be too far off if in this article I liken women to bread (especially the soft agege type that is just right for ewa-goin...can I get an amen!).
As I was saying, some dudes are pros at catching babes with their good looks and smooth talks. However there are some other brothers who seem to repel ladies for no obvious reason when they attempt the art of wooing.

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F-Factor Magazine can be gotten from the following places
1. the Hub , The Palms shopping mall, Lekki- Lagos
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4. All Finicky eatery centers.
5. White wood pharmacy, 22rd Festac Town, Lagos
6. Domino supermarket, Ozone cinema, E Center, commercial avenue, Yaba, Lagos.
7. De cafe, beside yem yem super market, Unilag, Lagos
8. Students in Unilag Campus U.I campus and Unaab Campus.
9. Janio Books, Fabricare Plaza,G close, 22 road, opposite texaco petrol station festac town, Lagos
10. Adorn Pharmacy, between B close and C close, 22rd Festac Town, Lagos.

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