Monday, June 7, 2010

EYE MAKEUP for DAY & NIGHT by Renique Bolujoko

Eye makeup should be light in the day and dramatic only at night. We tend to overdo it sometimes, because we're thinking that we want people see the colours. Sometimes, when we want to match our outfit or be festive, it’s ok, but aside of this, eye shadow should only compliment the eyes and make them more prominent. Besides matching your makeup to your clothes is so last season so says Jay Manuel. Eye shadow should draw attention to your eyes not itself. It should complement the eyes, meaning it should bring out the colour of your eyes. You should use colours that will blend in well with your skin tone and eye colour, while at the same time adding a hint of colour to make your eyes attractive. Blushing eyelids are attractive, if you want to give the appearance of brightness to the area and not take away too much from the natural contours. The good news for black women is that we don’t need to add dark hues (except of course for the light skinned sisters). We just need to add a bit of colour and highlights. At night, if you're fair in complexion, you may want to add some dark colours to the crease of the eyelid, but be careful with this as very dark colours can make you look skeletal.

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