Monday, June 7, 2010

Funny-li-ti-cal view :- Best man for the Job by Gideon Olugbile

Good day people, we are here live in the studio of C.B.B, where today we have with us the former Chief Tenant of Asole Block Villa, and Ex- C.E.O of the Republic, in the person of Raheem Mamafinda aka Gap Tooth alias E. Genius.

Presenter: You are welcome to our studio sir.

E. Genius: Thanks I am very great.

Presenter: Ok, let’s talk about your new found ambition to become C.E.O of the Republic again, after been in charge for 8 years and a 17 year absence from the political scene. Why do you want to come back?

E. Genius: I am the best man for the job.

Presenter: But with a 17 year absence from the scene, are you up to date with the information age of this century?

E. Genius: The republic has not changed since I left, so I know what the people want.

Presenter: What do the people want?

E. Genius: Well, when I was there we moved “things” in millions and in Ghana-must-go bags, now it’s being done in billions. I want to start moving it in trillions with bullet proof vans (gives a gap-toothed smile).

Presenter: Is that what makes you think you are the best man for the job?

E. Genius: Well, Mr. questionnaire, you see, am the best man for the job, because I get am for plenty, plenty experience, in fact my brain is wired like per seconds billing, unlike the youths of this republic that are on per hour billing thinking.

Presenter: But don’t you think if people like you give the youths a chance, they might perform.

E. Genius: The youths of this republic are “olodos” and are incapable of ruling this republic. Look, it’s very clear that our young, young people sef, ba brain, ba sense, ba experience unlike Obama who get am for plenty experience and............................

stay tuned for the concluding part of the article in the edition 2.

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  1. This is so friend was expecting me to say(flenty...)plenty. But I love it and I am looking forward to the concluding part...