Saturday, August 7, 2010


From: Father of All Banks
To: Foreign Investors, Bigger Financial Institutions and Other interested parties

It’s with pleasure that I bring to your notice, an event like never seen before in Naija, a special occasion and one of a kind bazaar. My people, we have “Money For Sale.”
Last year, I the blue blooded son of Kano held the confirmers of my appointment spellbound in a Banking 101 class during my interview, I the banking wizard was in fallible by all estimation.
I then proceeded to deal with hooligans riding in “Money Warehouses” as “Executive Bandits.” I turned Bankers to Pastors, mothers to prisioners, business men became national publicized debtors, celebrated technocrats became criminals and chief executive became pilots and fugitives. As expected, denials were fast, allegiances quickly changed and business realigned. What choices did they have? Even the great “Erratic Arrest us” could not withstand the heat, he scaled the fence of his home and fled through the border to the U.K (will he go unpunished? Well, that’s a story for another day). I then had funds injected into the banks, put in place quality risk processes, and corporate governance.
What is the next line of action? It’s a bazaar, let’s trade the golden goose along with the egg and let’s trade the money as if it is free for all. The bazaar is now set, there is money for sale and you are invited.
Though the financial institutions are still unstable like NEPA, experience network failure like Nitel and are downsizing as if it’s the fashionable thing to do.
But you can still take a gamble on the golden goose, and you may be lucky to get the golden eggs. So come one, come all, there is money for sale.

XLX aka Governor of the Father of all Banks.

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