Tuesday, September 28, 2010

SPOIL SPORT : HAND OF GOD by Shawlaa Mossrow

And the Number 10 stood on at the very edge of the rift on the highest peak of the frozen mountain, and there he reached out to the Mighty One.
“Diego...” said the Mighty One, “again you have returned.”
“I need more Sensei,” declared No 10.
“More?” came the disappointed growl, “What about all I have already given you?”
“Sensei, you have blessed me with the deadly art of the quick-foot-and-magnetic-toe.
You have also blessed me with the notorious White-Lotus-Multiple-Leg-over technique. Even also with the ‘kicked-in-foot-holding-my-face-diving technique’. Indeed my movement, field-foresight and kicking-score-ball-break-bone attributes have greatly manifested since I began my training with thee.”
“True. So, why have you returned?”
“To learn the one technique you never taught me...”
“No!” gasped the Mighty One, “not that! It is the most deadly art ever wielded. It has the power to break the heart, subdue the spirit to fight, and annihilate the joy of living from millions and an entire nations in one move. Please, reconsider!”
Lightning, and thunder flashes.
“I have chosen”, said Number 10, “Give me the power!!!”
Fresh cue: a very rough cut of the scene; then a pretentious super-text “Is this the end, or only the beginning?”
Tragically, it was only the beginning.
Flash-forward, it’s the 22nd of June, 1986. We are in the Estadio Azteca, Mexico City. The event – none other than the World Cup itself. No.10, after many a hesitation, for the fear any man will feel in the face of unlimited power, finally finds the courage to employ this most deadly of fatalities. To this day the mushroom cloud of shock, outrage, and the spine-petrifying effect of the sheer cold-cocky-ness of the act as yet to subside. No.10 laid the entire great nation of England to waste. In the stirring that surfaced, a terrified world moved microphones to trembling lips and marveled at this great harbinger of darkness. What? How? From where came this fearsome technique?
"Un poco con la cabeza de Maradona y otro poco con la mano de Dios"
Translated. "A little with the head of Maradona and a little with the hand of God"
The ‘Hand of God’ aka H.O.G was born.

..................concluding part in F-FACTOR Magazine edition 4

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