Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Sup man, how have you been?
I dey alright my guy, I just dey like dele and dey chill like chidi.
What are you doing with all this books and documents? You get exams?
No, I’m off to Abuja to see the slim mallam.
Slim mallam?
The guy that believes money can solve all the problems in the various sectors of the nation.
Who be that?
The guy that governs the bank in the center, you know, CEO of the father of all banks.
Ok, ok, I know him now. The man that taught our law makers, lessons on banking during the confirmation of his appointment as the bank’s governor.
Exactly, that is correct.
Ok, so why you wan go see am? You dey find job or contract?
Well, I have a proposal for him.

..............concluding part in F-Factor Edition 4

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